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Stratco Covered Patio cost

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    Default Stratco Covered Patio cost

    I guess this is another how long is a piece of string question but.....
    Was thinking about getting a covered patio/pergola added to the house. Something like a Stratco Outback flat roof. Approx 32sqm (5.2 x 5.6). Fixed to house on 2 sides. Would like to spend under $10,000.00 all up cost (including materials, builder, permits etc.). The trouble is I really have no idea of the prices for these things. I know I could go to Stratco or a builder and get a quote but I really don't want to waste their time quoting and drawing up plans if something like this is going to be $20,000+ or more. I have searched the internet but still none the wiser. Is there some general rule of thumb - say $300 per sqm +/- 20% or something that I could use to very roughly guestimate the cost?
    Hipages talks about installation cost of '$185 per m2 for a flat roof pergola' which would leave only about $4000 for materials and permits. So maybe I am only dreaming with a $10000 budget.
    Are there any readers on this forum that have had a covered pergola built and would like to share their costs? Any size/type. Doesn't matter. Just so I can get a very rough idea of what I might be up for.

    Oh by the way the answer to the question "how long is a piece of string?" is twice the length of the distance from one end to the middle.

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    Hi Cam....go and get a quote or a few quotes.
    Its not wasting anyone's time and you will get a far accurate costing than here
    Its the first place to start and then you can work out whats feasible within your budget.
    If you were building it all yourself, you would definitely come in under budget however paying for someone to do it is likely to be anywhere between 15k to 25k....but so many unknown variables here.....did I mention getting a quote is a good starting point!

    Options are many but the quoting process will cover some of the following:
    - flat roof or pitched
    - what type of roofing on the patio - tin, laser light, shade cloth, open with maybe vines growing over the top etc etc
    - is it lined underneath, just standard exposed colorbond, double sided colorbond (so you get a nice color underneath) or can you use a product that has colorbond tin, styro foam and lining all in the one for your design (stratco I believe offer this product....but could add to the overall cost of the project)
    - attached or not attached with the latter in some councils simpler from a permit view point as if its attached to the house, some councils require a town planning permit in addition to the building permit which could also push out the permitting process 12+ weeks in some areas
    - Metal post, wood posts
    - have you currently got a metal or wood fascia
    - may have to have additional support, brackets in the roof for an attached patio etc etc
    - tiled or metal roof on the house
    - access to the construction area
    - any excavations required to level out to prepare for construction access

    - consider forward planning:
    - while you have the excavator (if you need one that is) for and further excavations for paving, concreting, deck, crushed rock product after the pergola is finished, retailing wall
    - power for lighting, overhead fan post construction

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    Thanks for the reply Bart1080. No other replies so I guess I will bite the bullet, take your advice and get a quote. Coming up to Xmas break so might have to leave it until New Year.

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    Get Stratco to quote, I found them to be very cost competitive.

    You're not wasting their time, they have a design service, it's all computer based and only takes a matter of a few keystrokes and the rest is generated by the software.
    Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir

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    Here in the West i have found Stratco to somewhat less than competitive. Seems to be a widespread WA problem...
    And.....your point is.....what exactly?

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