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Absolutely Desperate Raymor mixer

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    Default Absolutely Desperate Raymor mixer

    Hi, first time poster so be gentle. I am in desperate need of a Raymor shower mixer going back into the 80s. It's near unthinkable to consider replacing the plumbing at the present. All thoughts of renovating the bathroom are on hold for the foreseeable future. Surely someone in Au or NZ has one of these. A 2 piece mixer it may have a white or green outer sleeve with a green inner. I have replaced the O rings and that worked for 2 years, but now the inner is disintegrating and that's difficult to repair.

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    Scroll down to the Tradelink phone numbers starting with 8 and start phoning and asking the question.

    Can I get one of these

    Tradelink bought out Raymor some years ago

    If that fails take the cartridge to your local plumbing supplies, as in life you may get lucky and find a cartridge from another mixer suits.

    edited to add more info

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    It's not good news but have you seen this thread from a few years ago?

    "The spare parts for these taps were available through Tradelink in limited quantities until the last complete cartridge remaining in Australia was sold in 2011 and the last o-ring kit was sold in 2014."


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