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Acrylic bath insert?

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    Default Acrylic bath insert?

    I have done a search but cant find the following -- Has anyone had experience with having an inner acrylic bath fitted to an old stained and rust-spotted pressed steel bath?

    Looking at their web site www.globalbathinsert.com.au it seems to be the way to go rather than re-enamel or removing the bath.

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    My wife had this done - it was a pretty quick and painless exercise.

    The external edges (the bits you step over to get into the bath) were nicely finished, but the edges which butted up against the wall were a bit ragged, although mostly hidden under sealant.

    The bath water stays warmer considerably longer now, but the bath volume is reduced more than expected - it's just that bit short now, and a bit narrow.

    After 7+ years, it's still in good nick. Can't remember how much it was, and the Central Coast NSW mob that did it probably don't cover your area


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    I had it done 3 1/2 years ago to finish of the renovations in the bathroom. The bath was built in on 2 sides and was a large old style bath and mainly the wrong colour as well as unremovable stains.

    As Andrew said you lose about 15mm all around ( each side and ends as well as depth ) so if you have a small bath forget doing it as you won't be comfortable.

    The crowd I used did a very neat job and normally it would be cheaper to replace the bath, but in my case it would have involved a complete retile job, which was too much hassle.:eek:

    It is much better then getting your bath repainted.


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