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Acrylic bath installation

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    Default Acrylic bath installation

    Can anyone tell me why it is not recommended to install an acrylic bath on expanding polyurethane foam (eg install bath, then spray foam under and allow to harden)? We suspect it's at least as strong as a mortar bed.

    Just curious.
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    I was going to ask a similar question so i will add to this instead.

    I have been looking at the expanding foam for my install. I was looking to use it just around the walls of the bath/spa.

    From what i have read putting it under the bath can be a problem. If you are not careful it can lift up the tub. One person i was reading had a lump in the middle of the bath from a pro using this. Others recommended against using it under the base as it will fall apart over time, leaving a depression.

    I am trying to work out how i can better insulate the floor of my spa. If i put it in a mortar bed on a concrete slab i would think i will lose a heap of heat out the base.

    Maybe a sheet of wood with a morter bed between it and the tub? Could you glue a rubber sheet under the tub before setting it on a mortar bed?

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    The problem with most expanding foams it they are a closed cell structure, meaning water will enter the foam ant turn it into a soft mush, the water from the condensation under the bath is enough to destroy it.

    There are some closed cell expanding cell foams around but they are very expensive and you have a problem with them being strong enough to support the weight.

    Good luck.
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