Hi All,

I'm currently in the middle of a bathroom reno and am at the stage where I have had Scyon flooring put in throughout the room and the shower recess dropped into the joists to give me a little less height on the Ezilay shower tray. (Scyon 19mm/shower tray about 25mm). It may be overkill, but I will add 6mm tile underlay on top in main area outside shower recess mainly to give me more height and closer to achieving a level entry to shower)

My issue is I have LVL style engineered I beam joists and the Scyon has not be put in perfectly flat with the top plate of the joist (which are pine) There could be some crowning going on too. (Shower recess is approx 900mm wide by 1500 long)

I want to ensure I give the shower the best chance to succeed and not have issues so I want a perfectly flat and level surface under the Ezilay tray.


Should I / Could I plane or sand down high points on the top plate of the engineered timber joists? It wont be a lot to take out.


Should I use a self levelling compound to provide a perfectly smooth floor under the Ezilay tray? If this is the preferred method, does anyone know what sort I should use considering it will be a mix of Scyon floor and pine timber joist... I'll also have to fill any gaps between joists and Scyon with urethane sealant and cut in the waste trap prior to pouring the self leveller....

Thank you so much for any assistance and advice. This has been a very drawn out process and started with a dodgy building inspection when purchasing and then finding the leaking shower. Been a real struggle to find trades (who know anything) too as a regional area. Fun times.