After speaking to the experts on the various Cusomer Helplines and getting the usual :confused:, I once again call on the only EXPERIENCE based resouce... Woodwork Forums Members

I have decided to use Gunnersons Aqua Tile Tileboard in the bathroom.
It is to be adhered to Fibre Cement walls. (new, unpainted)
Gunnersons recommend Selleys solvent based liquid nails as the adhesive. (Warranty depends on using their recommended products) over a suitable:confused: waterproofing membrane. Gunnersons wont recommend a suitable membrane.
They told me to ring Crommelins. Crommelins (waterproofing membrane manufacturers) told me that none of their products is suitable for use with a solvent based adhesive, and told me to use Acrylic adhesive. (thereby voiding warranty)
Selleys say dont use Liquid Nails, use Mirror Metal Glass Silicon adhesive. (Thereby voiding warranty). :confused::eek::mad::mad::mad:

At this stage I am desperate so I ring Parbury who make a similar Tile sheet product. Their brochure says "Ensure adhesive is compatible to waterproofing membrane" , they say over the phone, "use Bondcrete", one of the products that Crommelins make and told me was useless under solvent based adhesives, which include Parburys Ceramilite Adhesive, Liquid nails, Maxibond etc.
Bondcrete also does not qualify as a waterproofing mebrane for local authority regulations.
Eventually Parburys say ring Parchem. (they make Parburys adhesive)
Parchem say that they don't make a compatible membrane for solvent adhesives, try Norcroff. Norcrof are not even listed in the damned phone book :mad:.

I looked in the archives and found posts by Scooter, gnu52, robbo, but no reference to waterproofing membranes.

Has anyone actually used these tile sheet products with waterprooofing membranes under the adhesive? If so PLEASE tell me which ones go together while I still have a little hair left.
Thanking you all in advance