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Bathroom exhaust fan water drips

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    Default Bathroom exhaust fan water drips

    I have just finished the bathroom reno, and the exhaust fan drips water through the cover when having a shower. Colds drips are not fun.

    The fan is above the shower. The roof is a flat roof, so there was only 220mm between the ceiling and roof sheeting. I could only fit a slim centrifugal 100mm tube extraction fan. It has a 100mm diameter 3 metre long tube exiting from it.

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    The exhaust tube is plenty big enough, the problem I judge is that the fan is directly over the shower. This would not be allowed by Code in the States. You are sucking up not only shower "steam" but possibly water as it exits the shower head or splashes. You have two choices as I see it:

    1) don't turn on the fan until you are finished with your shower. Inefficient but will stop the cold drips;
    2) relocate the fan inlet to outside the shower perimeter.


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    Just use an umbrella.
    Problem solved.

    Actually that's probably not much help. Feel free to ignore me.
    Cheers, John

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