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    Default Bathroom lighting

    I got a 95mm halogen downlight installed in the middle of the room. It's using a 11w bulb at the moment and the room doesn't feel bright enough. What are my options? install 2 more downlights? or replace the bulb?

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    I personally think the option of 2 more lights is the better of the two. Even if you use a higher rated globe, the light is still concentrated in the one area which will give you brighter light in the concentrated area, but leaves you with the dark feel you are experiencing now.
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    We used this:

    bathroom is approx 1.8 x 2.4, gives plenty of light, DIY fitting

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    I replaced my old heavy cut glass lamp shade .....well I had too when the 3rd grub screw let go prematurely when I was replacing the bulb and it fell taking out the side of the toilet bowl ...on a long weekend 2 days before I left on a trip around Australia and my mum was coming to stay while I was a way. But that is another story!!!

    In a small bathroom 2.4 x 1.8 I installed 2 halogen lights (not downlights). They are about the same size of a normal downlight but don't have the usual reflector. The have a frosted glass diffuser/shade which screws into base (about 80mm dia and 40mm high/dome) - looks like an inverted icecream top on an icecream cone. My choice of this was that a normal downlight with feflector has limitations to the spread of light and I wanted plenty of light reaching the mirror. The frosted lamp diffuses the light all around the room like any normal frosted lamp shade - they are fantastic. Uses small 35w or 50w halogen globe. They are minimalistic and plain - depend what you are looking for. When I bought mine 10 years back there was an expensive model which looks identical to the ones I bought at about half the price - so look around. Should be even easier today with all the Chinese copies etc.

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