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Bathtub island Hob

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    Question Bathtub island Hob

    Is it a bad idea to install an island hob rather then check the bathtub into the wall?

    I like the look and feel of an island hob, whether it's worth the risk of water damage or not is what I'm yet to decide.

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    Why would it be a bad idea? Especially if you have the luxury of space in the bathroom. Constructing a hob frame is the same process as it is for a wall placed frame. Waterproofing is no more challenging, just bigger - you just have to waterproof everything around the tub.

    You can get free-standing baths in both modern and antique claw foot styles but they are expensive. Even worse is the tapware required to service these baths - some are many thousands of dollars. So building a standard bath into a hob is probably the economic option...
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