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Depth needed for recessed shower

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    Default Depth needed for recessed shower

    Is 20mm deep enough for a recessed shower? I'd rather not have to build a hob if it can be avoided, The shower would be recessed 20 mm and the floor of the shower graded with a 1:50 slope giving me a minimum screed thickness of 10mm at the shower grate which is in the middle of the shower. The shower waste pipe is 100mm so it should carry the shower water away fast enough so the recess does not over flow. Am I right ? any help is appreciated.

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    20mm is enough, depending on how big your shower is?

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    Default All good

    Yep. You'll be spot on as far as i know Familyguy. The min thickness of 10mm is sufficient and so is your fall at 1:50. It doesn't really depend on the size of your shower as 1:50 is the fall regardles of size. I am going through a bathroom reno myself so have been doing a bit of reading up. Dont forget to follow waterproofing specs to a T.
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    In the concrete?

    Go 50mm concrete recess then alter accordingly with the shower screed.

    Check the standards if you are on a second floor

    At the end of the day it is imperative that the water go down the hole without pooling at any particular place.

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    The min thickness of 10mm is sufficient

    Why does the min thickness need to be 10mm at the puddle flange? Is it because of the screed and the fact it might crack/fall apart any thinner?

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