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Finding triangle bath to replace old spa

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    Default Finding triangle bath to replace old spa

    Bought a unit that needs a lot of TLC.
    It was built in 90’s and has an odd shaped bathroom with an approx 45degree corner, into which a triangle shaped spa has been installed.

    No indications of what the brand of that spa is.

    Spa is stuffed so I want to pull it out and drop in a bath of the same shape.
    The existing unit appears to be 1215 on each of the sides making the right angle corner, however, the smallest triangle bath I can fund inline is a Decina Angelique which is 1295 on those sides.

    There isn't any wiggle room so I need to get something as close to or slightly smaller than the original.
    Is anybody aware of a slightly smaller triangle shaped bath than the Decina?

    Any advice or suggestions appreciated.

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    Pull the spa out, keep the brick hobs underneath.
    Patch and repair the hobs and tile the lot.
    Tiled bath, very 90s

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    FY, that would be very popular after the cheese Fondue and car-key bowl lucky dip

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    I would personally just go a corner shower and do away with a bath completely

    when it was just me and the wife we used our bath about 2 times in 8 years. even now with kids we just put a little fold up bath on the shower floor until old enough to shower.
    Remember if you don't sin, then Jesus died for nothing

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    After much searching no suitable bath replacement is available, so following the suggestions and getting rid of the bath altogether.
    The Field Marshall is now going into overdrive trying to find suitable wall and floor tiles as the originals are no longer available.
    Job will now be much bigger and $xxxy than originally anticipated, but after removing the kitchen wall abutting the bathroom it is obvious it was always going to be. There is no sheeting below the level of the top of the spa and the metal stud wirk has been butchered terribly to fit it and the associated electricals (spa pump).
    A bodgy job from years ago that needs to now be sorted.
    it will be pricey bit we reckon do it right and do it once.

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