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Leaking shower tiles & failed waterproofing cause water damage below

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    Default Leaking shower tiles & failed waterproofing cause water damage below

    I noticed a mould patch in my ceiling below 2nd floor shower and on inspection I have water damaged red tounge particle board on 2nd floor joists. The waterproofing has obvioulsy failed.
    My question is, is there anyway to repair this without removing the bathroom tiles and replacing the red tounge timber in the bathroom?. I was thinking of re-tiling the bathroom over the existing tiles and installing a shower with a shower base (to avoid the waterproofing problem) and line it up with the original drainage, another option is installing a bath tub (old style) which seems to be sort of trendy.
    My concern also is could the weight of the bath tub be an issue with the damaged timber under the tiles? any chance the strength of the floor is compromised, wouldn't want to fall through the floor!!!.
    Any builders out there that can give me some advice would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm not a plumber, but...

    The upstairs bathroom had sprung a leak from the tiled shower space, and a quick-fix coat the tiles with some kind of stuff was called in to fix it, by painting gunk over the tiles. Guess what - the quick fix didn't fix it. The tiles were ripped out in a full bathroom reno, a plastic shower base was installed, and (you can't skip the waterproofing) the walls were waterproofed and tiles. No leaks. Note: the plastic shower base now has scratches on it or some reason. People walking in there with shoes on. Don't know. Make sure you get a good quality base. Also, the plumber on my reno had trouble with the plumbing. The drain went too far down and threatened to foul the ceiling below. Watch him, and make sure there is sufficient clearance for the drain pipe.

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