Hello all,

I've decided to takle our floor shower that does not drain properly- so far I have taken up the old tiles and adhesive- an now I'm not sure what the order of works should be..


Should I a) build hob (going to put in glass screen) then waterproof
with butynol tape between existing wall tiles and paint withwaterproof agent
over the concrete and around new drain flange (will beputting in a trough
drain) Neutral core silicone floor/wall gaps before tiling. There is existing waterproffing under the concrete- so is it ok to waterproof again?

b) create correct falls with thinset -should I use Dunlop floor leveler- or make up the falls with the Dunlop tile adhesive?

d) install trough drain

e) tile grout and seal- is it easier to use smaller tiles to
get the falls?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated- hoping to tackle
this this weekend!