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Which sealant in tiled waterstop gap in shower?

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    Default Which sealant in tiled waterstop gap in shower?

    Our bathroom is finally almost finished. On the shower floor we have a waterstop that sits just below tile surface at the entrance to the walk in shower leaving about a 5mm gap to be filled.

    The tiles are a soft grey with misty Grey grout. What would be the best sealant to fill this gap that will be subjected to constant water and foot traffic?

    Neutral cure silicone, Acetic silicone or polyurethane sealant?

    11FC is out of the game because the colors don't come close, but sikaflex pro would be a pretty good match.

    Thanks for your advice!

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    Default Which sealant in tiled waterstop gap in shower?

    I wouldn't overthink it.

    Use the same silicone that you are using on your tiled corners. Keep it consistent.

    Maxisil is well regarded by tilers and comes in lots of colours.

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