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Shower Floor Tile Colour Change

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    Default Shower Floor Tile Colour Change

    We have renovated our bathroom and the only thing that looks out of place now is the colour of the showers ceramic tiled floor. The bathroom is now all white and has gold tap fittings and such but the dark brown tiles are yuk. They are the small square tiles about an inch square each which were all the fashion about 30 years ago for bathrooms and kitchen benchtops.

    I would like to know - is there a suitable paint or coating that we can put on these tiles to change them from dark brown to white ? This needs to be waterproof,durable and able to adhere well to ceramics. Any suggestions , we dont want to go to the massive expense of replacing the tiles with a shower base, it is also a custom sized shower.

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    One option you can consider is adding a new layer of tiles on top of the existing ceramic tiles. You can do that using a tile-on-tile adhesive from Dunlop (available from Bunnings, I forget the name, Tile All??, ask them) - you apply a layer of the adhesive over the old tiles, then lay the new tiles on top.

    You'd of course need to consider issues like how to handle the fall, floor trap opening, the joint where the shower meets the bathroom floor.

    But this is an alternative to think about.

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    White Knight makes a special tile paint but it is not recommended for floors. Before we totally renovated our house we gave the old bathroom floor a quick fix with this paint and it wore terribly. So I definately wouldn't recommend that if you were thinking about it!

    I've seen commercial places do a similar thing but they tend to talk about resurfacing baths and verticle surfaces too . . .
    eg: http://www.thermoglaze.com.au/

    What about an expoxy coating?

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