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shower tile tray and semi-frameless screen help

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    Default shower tile tray and semi-frameless screen help

    Hi guys,

    I'm in the process of planning my bathroom renovation, and will be undertaking most of the work myself. I have decided to go with a shower tile tray purely for convenience (not needing to screed to waste. although from reading here, sometimes a nightmare with leaks?) ; perhaps something like a 'showerline tile over tray'.


    One thing I'm having trouble figuring out is how to attach the semi-frameless shower screen. Am I correct in thinking that the shower frame will be screwed into the wall, but only siliconed/glued onto the floor? (or does it need to be screwed into the floor as well?) Another question is, where would you position the frame - would it sit inside of the shower tray, outside, or right in the middle?

    Also, should I add an aluminium angle around the outside of shower tile tray as a waterstop? (protruding a couple of mm above floor tiles) At the moment, I cant see what would stop water seeping from the shower area into the main bathroom area without some sort of lip as a waterstop...


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    G'day constipated.
    You need to provide a bit more information to get a half decent answer.

    Is this a corner shower or a 3 wall shower. What brand is the tray? Was the area waterproofed before or after the base was installed? Have you looked up the manufacturer's installation instructions and if so what is causing your concerns.

    Good luck and fair winds.
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