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Silicone not sticking, mould appearing too

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    Default Silicone not sticking, mould appearing too

    Renovated our bathroom about a year ago. We have marble mosaic shower base and not sure what the wall tiles are. Tried selleys wet area silicone but where the base and wall tiles meet, it is losing its stickiness. Had to reapply the silicone twice in the past year. It loses its stick after a few months. It seems to be losing its stickiness more so on the marble end. Also, mould appears, despite the selleys silicone stating that it is mould resident.

    I've read that using metho helps to kill bacteria prior to applying the silicone. A few questions I have:
    1. Will metho stain the marble tiles? Is metho a good agent to prepare the surface? If not what should be used?
    2. Should I continue to use selleys wet area? If not what is a more suitable silicone which sticks better to marble tiles in particular?
    3. How do you best prevent mould?
    4. I've read that rubbing your finger along the silicone causes mould to appear down the track. Should I do this when applying? Or should a glove be worn?
    5. Is spraying detergent/soap and water on the silicone necessary straight after the silicone is applied?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Preparation is the key.

    Remove the old silicon and try to get every bit of the old stuff out, nothing much will stick to silicon and I never it for that reason.

    After you thing you have removed what you can, clean the joints with Acetone and a tooth brush, give it al a couple of cleans, and have a fan running to remove the fumes.

    Let it dry for 10 minutes and apply some Sikaflex llFC, its fast curing (10 to 15 minutes) and will stick like the proverbial.

    It's not your finger that causes mould to grow, it's the saliva, Get a smooth cloth soked in Acetone and wipe the excess material away, don't take too long to do it and don't over do it, you don't want to expose the edges of the joins.

    Good luck.
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    I have used and recommended Selley's Wet Area to friends over the past 3 years since having great success with it when the Bostik version failed (slightly cheaper but not in the long run). I've not used the Selley's on marble though. Clean thoroughly per the directions if you continue with it.

    Re the mould, it's always best to avoid the saliva cause of course. For silcone replace saliva with window cleaner spray. I've 'killed' mould spots by soaking a tissue with white king gel (the toilet get stuff) and leaving on the spot for half a day. It seems to stop the mould regrowing, and does a fair job in fading the mould colour (but not the silicone colour)

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