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Vanity unit Pop-Up Waste outlet

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    Default Vanity unit Pop-Up Waste outlet

    We got a new bathroom vanity unit installed about 6 months ago with one of those you beaut pop-up waste outlet holes. I noticed that water was not getting away as quick as it used to so I decided to give it a flush out with the stick plunger thingy. A bit of hair and gunk came up and now the water gets away better.

    Problem now is , the outlet's chrome cap decided not to stay down for when you want to keep water in the basin. I unscrewed the cap off and after quite a few "clicks" and some RP7 down the shute, it finally clicked in the down position. Now it wont "click" up again. What is wrong with this ?????. Can this be fixed or do I have to replace the whole waste outlet unit and if I do, how do I get this one out ? Im not having a very good week to say the least.

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    Yeh you might need to get a new waste. I dont like the pop up type personally, there is so much metal under ther cap that all sorts of junk gets caught in it. The wastes are only about $20.

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