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Waterstop above tiles in walk in shower

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    Default Waterstop above tiles in walk in shower

    We are having a new ensuite put in with a walk in shower wet room. The floor of the shower area is raised above the rest of the bathroom with a metal angle water stop. The tiles have been laid sloping towards the drain. However the tiles have been laid just below the top of the angle so there is the top of the metal angle sticking up above the tiles where we would walk into the shower area. Is this normal? This would appear to be a trip/toe stubbing hazard to me.

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    The metal angle protruding, as you say, is an el cheapo way of stopping overflow rather than the proper brass bead type as used on level areas. Without it the water flow will likely extend into the room area. What I find unusual is that the shower floor level is higher than the rest of the room.

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