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Wooden floors in bathrooms and other wet areas

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    Default Wooden floors in bathrooms and other wet areas

    Is it feasible to have just a wooden floor in a bathroom or other wet area? Two obvious drawbacks I can immediately come up with are grip and waterproofing. Is there anyway of getting over those two problems. My situation is I have a tiled (over wood floorboards) and I was just toying with the idea of getting rid of the tiles and just having the exposed wooden floor suitably reconditioned.

    Is this at all possible, or am I far better off with some form of covering (tiles/lino/whatever...)?

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    Hi, My understanding is that it isn't legal in Melbourne ... depends on if you need approval etc. That said I have seen some nice bathrooms wth wooden floors. I'm sure they would be right if you were aware you needed to keep them dry, however if water kept creeping into corners etc you could end up with some issues.

    I think it woul be hard to remove the tiles and restore the floors.

    Not sure about what clear grip coating are out there but I'm sure they exist if you really want it.

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