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yet another small bathroom - with laundry!

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    Default yet another small bathroom - with laundry!

    Okay, need your help with small bathroom layout. I know you guys and gals love this sort of stuff
    Hopefully the post isn’t too long.

    Currently the door to the toilet is from the hallway, with an adjacent door into the bathroom. The external wall is to be rebuilt. The floor can come up - concrete over floorboards, reasonable access under the house.
    The bathroom is currently 1600mm wide and 2100 long.
    The toilet is 1250 x 750.
    The “study”, 3000 x 3000, was the main bedroom and there was a built in wardrobe between the bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom was “made over’ in the 80’s and I suspect, but am not sure, there originally was access to the bathroom from the bedroom between the toilet and the wardrobe (they put a shower cubicle here in the makeover).

    (the photos attached at the bottom show the wardrobe gutted and the plywood panels removed from the side of the toilet and between bed and bath)

    here is the current bath and surrounding rooms...


    One plan is to have a new external door and the front load washing machine under the bench/vanity. The house has no laundry, and no real option to put it anywhere else.

    If I don’t have an external door I get more wall space on the external wall but I am not sure I gain much.

    I like the idea of an external door for a few reasons:
    • External access to washing machine.
    • I don’t have to go through the house to get to the toilet/shower etc after working outside gardening etc.
    • I live in a fire zone and another exit would be good.
    • The door could be glass and let in light.

    I can “move” the wardrobe framework to gain an extra 400mm in the bathroom, making it a whopping 2000 wide, and have a 200mm bookshelf in the study, or I could go the full hog and get 2200mm. The wardrobe framework probably wasn’t structural originally but probably is now!

    Here are some options so far:


    some photos to amuse you:



    photo0083.jpg toilet.jpg

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    With the two doors you don't have a lot of options. Your second one is certainly the better the first

    looks very cramped

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