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laundry from drying rack material?

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    Default laundry from drying rack material?

    Does anyone know what to put in laundry room pullout drying drawers. Iíve seen dowels and mesh. I prefer mesh so clothes lay flat, but our designer and cabinet maker donít know what to put in the bottom. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    how would you get decent air circulation if the drawers have a bottom?

    I don't believe drying drawers are big in australia where this forum is based
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    These are the only type drying drawers I've heard of - https://www.bunnings.com.au/diy-advi...-drying-drawer they don't have a bottom for obvious reasons.
    I don't think that they're a great idea, but maybe if you lived in a small apartment block with no yard they would be good?
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    For the benefit of the OP (NY) this is what Whitey referred.

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