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Waterproofing a 'Euro Laundry'

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    Default Waterproofing a 'Euro Laundry'

    In my unit reno we are creating a 'Euro Laundry' basically at one end of our galley type kitchen, at the other end is a hardwood T&G lounge nd dining.
    Trying to get my head around waterproofing requirements given the laundry and kitchen are in reality one larger room and at the other end the room flows seemlessly into the lounge/dining with no wall between.
    The laundry and kitchen area are to be tiled with a trim at the end where it meets the lounge/dining.
    I know I have to waterproof the laundry but don't believe it is mandatory for the kitchen. How do I demarcate between laundry and kitchen or even dining/lounge? Is there a distance from the laundry that no longer requires waterproofing of floor and 150mm walls? Does having a floor drain help, is a waterstop required and where would that be placed given it is all one room?

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