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Advice required - paint choice for kids bed

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    Default Advice required - paint choice for kids bed

    Hi All,

    I am after some paint finish advice that I was hoping the good folk of this forum could help me with. I have a small home project that I am looking to complete in an appropriate paint finish.

    Essentially, I have made a timber frame that converts a childs cot into a small bed ( to maintain the mattress, bed base etc )

    Can anyone recommend a product that will give me a basic white finish, semi or gloss preferrably? Ideally, I am interested to note if there is any particular finish that you would suggest is safe & suitable for childrens furniture.

    For your reference purposes, the bed has been made of basic laminated pine.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!

    Kind Regards,


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    I recall that some of the water-based enamels are suitable/recommended for children's toys/beds. Try Googling Aquanamel.
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    Dulux aquanamel is a water based gloss paint that can be used for woodwork trims etc. I am planning to use this to paint our skirting and architraves but haven't yet...if you do a search there are a couple of threads from people who have used it....

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    Standard oil based enamel paint once it has dried and the VOC's have flashed off.

    Modern consumer grade paints are made without lead or other heavy metals, so anything off the shelf in a hardware store is fine. Even industrial finishes should be ok as long as you aren't using colours (white pigment is generally titanium dioxide, which is also used in sunscreen - so you can't get safer than something that can be applied to skin).
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