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Bubbles in my ceiling paint

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    Default Bubbles in my ceiling paint

    I tested my ceiling with turps and it seemed that either the lot was done in oil based paint or otherwise the cornices were in oil and the ceiling water based ... anyhow, i thought it best to use a sealer/primer/undercoat on it all just in case ... I have just finished painting it tonight and it looked like all little air bubbles or moisture blisters were appearing all over it ... worried me a bit at first as some of the bubbles were quite large ... i checked it after several hours of sugar soaping other walls in other rooms and when i came back nearly all the bubbles appear to have disappeared ... is this something i should be worried about or just continue with my top coats as if i never saw anything?
    Thanks for help!

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    Define large? If it has all dried okay then you're probably good to go. If there are any gaps in the coverage in the undercoat from the bubbles I would put another coat on. If you are still having adherence problems, you may need to scuff the surface with sandpaper.

    Anyway, have a close look and maybe post photos if you can. It's a bit hard to give advice without some more information.

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