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Contractors Bin? - for cleaning paint rollers, etc.

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    Default Contractors Bin? - for cleaning paint rollers, etc.

    Hi all,

    Can't seem to find the post where we discussed a painting contractor that was cleaning his equipment under my front yard tap.

    And blasting paint about 20 feet thru the garden and all over the fence.

    I'm now about to start painting since the weather here in melbourne is supposed to be in the 20s for the next 10 days.

    I recall discussing a new rubbish bin being converted into a contractors bin.

    It would be used for cleaning paint brushes and paint rollers.

    Does anyone recall this discussion?

    And more importantly if there was an actual product?

    Barry G. Sumpter
    May Yesterdays Tears Quench the Thirst for Tomorrows Revenge

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    i think dulux sells a pre made unit

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