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Dulux Blue Base Paint - what can I do with it?

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    Exclamation Dulux Blue Base Paint - what can I do with it?

    Hi, I have some untinted Dulux paint that is "blue". Can anyone tell me how I know which tints can be made from the blue base, as opposed to a white or deep base. I have no idea to tell what final colours I could mix from this paint.
    Thanks, Julie

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    I'll take a guess that it can be used to create any colour that has a "B" after the colour name in their colour charts and chips.

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    aqua, asul, azure, alice blue, baby blue, blue, blue-green, bondi blue, carolina blue, chartre blue, cerulean blue, cobalt blue, columbia blue, cornflower blue, cyan, dark blue, denim, dodger blue, egyptian blue, electric blue, han purple, international klein blue, maya blue, medium blue, midnight blue, navy blue, pale blue, persian blue, persian indigo, powder blue, smalt blue, steel blue, ultramarine blue, united nations blue, air force blue, brandeis blue, duke blue, majorelle blue, prussian blue, yale blue, pigment blue, blue bell, wild blue yonder, pacific blue, blizzard blue, ultra blue, blueberry blue, blue bird blue........

    (I'd go for the colours indicated in the pic below...nothing lighter than the tint base, though.)

    EDIT...while seeing if there was a more sensible answer I could provide, I happened across the Orica training website....now I see where I've been going wrong - the ideal temperature for painting is 250 degrees!!!! (and make sure it doesn't drop below 100 degrees!!!) See second screen grab.
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    Ozcar hit the nail on the head any colour on any of the Colour charts with a B as the base colour..

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