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Fillers and sanding.

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    Default Fillers and sanding.

    I've spent several days sanding back timber on the front woodwork of my home. The house is about 110 years old and the wood on the front handrail and some of the other timber had lots of cracks in it but the wood was otherwise sound. I've had to use lots of a powder filler I mixed myself and it does a great job, but I put extra on in case there was any shrinkage as it dried.

    A 15 year old Ryobi 1/3 sheet finishing sander died after a couple of days of sanding back the timber and then some of the filler areas. It was nearly dead due to plaster dust so I wasn't too annoyed. A friend presented me with a new Craftsman? (El-cheapo) sheet sander and that lasted five minutes before it died. The filler dust is probably just like plaster dust as it is so fine.

    I have a B & D mouse, again about 15 years old but hardly used. It does a really quick job, goes through the sanding like everything is soft cream but I don't want it to die on me as I have a lot more work to do back inside the house. I have a huge range of sanding sheets for it, old, but these last about one minute on the mouse before falling off. I tried sticking felt on the back of the sheets and this lasted until the sandpaper was worn but it took me half an hour to scrape the felt out of the velcro on the mouse.

    Any ideas on another sander to try.....? I am trying not to spend too much money on tools as after this house is renovated I will be selling and moving to a new home we are in the process of organising so every dollar is needed at the moment. That is why I am doing everything myself. I just can't spend $900 on a sander.

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    You're in an awkward spot there... I bought a Metabo 150mm random orbit for ~$400.00 ish and I would think that's about the minimum you need to spend to get a quality sander. BUT if you're not doing more after this reno it's a lot...
    And.....your point is.....what exactly?

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    How about the green Bosch (PEX?) line of random orbitals? I bought one quite cheaply (around $100 on special) at the green shed a few years ago and its done plenty of dusty sanding and its still going strong. Regardless, you should try and buy one with a vacuum attachment and use it with it. It will reduce the amount of dust in the air and around the machine, so its better for you and the sander.

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