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Flat plastic paint sprayed to ceiling with no preparation - should we paint over?

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    Default Flat plastic paint sprayed to ceiling with no preparation - should we paint over?

    Our ceilings were all sprayed with a cheap flat plastic paint when our house was built about 12 years ago. No undercoat, primer, sealer, binder etc was used, and it wasn't back rolled either. We discovered when we tried painting over it that pieces will just peel off on the roller. When washing you end up with a bucket of paint as it seems to break down. We have asked lots of painters and places for advice with the following suggestions received:
    - use a long nap roller with heaps of paint and just paint over it
    - strip it all off with razor blade scraper and use sticky tape etc on the cornice to pull it off and then start again.
    - painting over with an oil based sealer binder
    - painting over with Bondcrete added to the paint
    - hot detergent/water soak/wash
    - metho

    We have stipped it all off one room 6mx6m - but this was a huge job and we don't wan't to have to do this on the rest of the house.

    It does look intact, but fails the sticky tape adhesion test.

    Has anyone successfully dealt with this problem?

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    Default Bump

    Just wanted to bump this thread as I have the same problem. I am rescrewing our garage ceiling (gyprock) and when driving the new screws the paint breaks away. When scraped it just continues to come away and i would like a way of sealing it rather than scraping ( the rest of the house also requires same ). Any ideas would be great, thanks.

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    Default Paint peeling

    Hi kisp

    Zinsser have an undercoating product called "peel stop". I haven't used this particular product before but have used several of the other Zinsser undercoats which I have found to be brilliant. Could be worth checking out.

    happy painting

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    Default Flat plastic paint sprayed to ceiling with no preparation - should we paint ove

    Oil based sealer/undercoat. I had a couple of rooms like this where the existing paint was thought to be lead-based but was in poor condition. I wasn't prepared to strip it off.

    Horrible stuff to work with due to the time it takes to dry and the odour/fumes, but you can overpaint it with acrylic afterwards.

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