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How to paint the front of a terrace?

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    Default How to paint the front of a terrace?


    First of all thanks for this great resource. I built my deck a while ago based on advice gained from this forum. It still stands to this day, which I see as a mighty acheivement.
    I'm now painting the outside of the house. It's a typical single-fronted terrace, complete with the dinky little veranda roof jutting out from the front. My question is - how on earth do I paint the foot or so of wall that's directly above this roof (but below the actual roof of the house)?
    The veranda roof is curved corrugated iron, and probably wouldn't take my weight if I were crazy enough to try and perch on it with a paintbrush in hand. Is there some obvious painter's trick I'm missing? Do they generally just get up on the roof itself and lean over? Or do they dismantle the veranda roof to paint the wall, then put it back together?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I've had the same challenge - once on a terrace in Melb and again in SYD! Solved it by laying a few of layers of carpet/ underlay/ foam across the bullnose verandah and then laying a LONG wide light-weight plank across it, close to (and parallel to!) the vertical area I wanted to paint. Spreads the load across the rafters supporting the bullnose and the carpet "fills in" the corrugations so they aren't crushed (not a good look). Safety is an issue - try to fasten everything off so it can't move (maybe install a couple of eye bolts and just remove and patch when the jobs done?). Let's know how the job goes!

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    there is NO TRICK.....get up on the bull nose veranda and kneel down with your paint brush....its that simple

    the old veranda's are strong..unless your beams/posts are rotten..

    DONT FALL... use a safety harness

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    Using one of the cheap (about $3.50) radiator paintbrushes from Bunnings might help as well. The handles are about 400mm long and the brushes are set at about 45 degrees angle to the handle.

    This gives you extra reach and helps getting into awkward corners. I use them mainly to paint the inside of deep cabinets.


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