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Only one thin coat of water based paint used on cabinets. What type of sealant?

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    Default Only one thin coat of water based paint used on cabinets. What type of sealant?

    I bought a Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit around 10 years ago. I am just finally getting around to using it, but not on the cabinets it was originally intended for.

    Base coat and glazing
    Through testing a bunch of cabinet doors, the only way I seem to be able to get decent results is by onyl using one thin base coat. If I use more than one base coat, the grain of the wood is filled with paint and the glaze isn't able to settle into the grain. Also we prefer the color once the glaze is applied with just one base coat.

    With just one base coat and glaze applied we are happy with the results, aside from a bit of roughness that is mostly visible when hit by the light. We figured that this roughness would be smoothed out by the protective top coat.

    Here is a picture with the one base coat and glaze applied when dry without the protective coat: https://ibb.co/5FPZJ1s

    Protective top coat
    I applied the protective top coat included with the kit to the cabinets following the included instructions. However when it dried the surface was very cloudy and rough, especially when hit by the light. I'm not sure if the poor results are due to the age of the product, our skill/application method or the product itself.

    It's hard to tell from the picture, but the surface is much more rough than the previous picture and most of the accents in the wood are now hidden by the light reflected from all of the tiny bumps in the top coat.

    Here is a picture when dry with the protective top coat included with the kit: https://ibb.co/F874WW9

    Seeing as how I only have one thin base coat, I am looking for a sealant that is very durable. Ideally I would like one that is easy to apply, and easy to achieve a clear, smooth finish with.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a durable sealant that is easy to apply and will dry to a smooth, clear finish?

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    Hi Canehdian, welcome. In future please use this site's image uploader for your pics.

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    Hard to tell from the pics but also assuming the kit had a "stain" bottle/can you applied followed by a clear coat "varnish" or some other clear coat product - varnish, lacquer, shellac, polyurethane, oil, or wax.

    What is the clear coat product your using??
    There are different technique's and steps dependent on the product your using.
    ...and note, there are many methods of applying...depending on the persons preference and the size of the project for the finish they desire.

    Either way, I would have started with a sanded finish before applying the stain (sanded to 320 grit), apply the stain with a rag ...or brush and use a rag to wipe it down to remove the excess and when dry apply the clear coat product with a brush.

    It will more than likely have a slightly rough feel to it, depending on the type of wood which is a natural reaction to applying the clear coat (fine grains of the wood lift). Hand sand with 320 grit or higher using a block and sandpaper "very lightly" to remove the roughness, wipe the sanding dust off and apply another clear coat. Depending if you happy with this finish, you could then apply a third coat....may or may not need another light sand on any rough spots. You just want to take the roughness off....not the entire clear coat you've applied

    Also make sure your piece you coating is in an environment that is relative dust free. If its an oil based product, it may take up to 24 hours to dry....cool ambient temps take longer than say mid 20's temps.

    This one goes through the steps required of different clear coat products
    How to Finish Plywood ⋆ ŸŒ ThePlywood.com

    This is a very high quality finish and could be over done for your piece but is great to get the idea and there is a technique in using a brush....depending on what product the clear coat is your using.

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