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Paint or Stain?

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    Default Paint or Stain?

    Hi. I just want to get some opinions on whether to paint or stain a new bathroom door that I've just had installed. It is right next to the shower and will end up get some stray amounts of water on it. The installer favoured painting it but I wouldn't mind staining it because the wood looks so good. Any tips on how to weatherproof it from the water would be greatly appreciated as would any tips on the best ways to stain/paint it properly. It is bare wood at the moment.

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    If it is an interior door no problem staining rather than painting - but - since it is a bathroom door it will need a varnish (polyurethane) finish rather than an oil finish. Two easy options;

    Stain it to the colour you want then apply 3 clear coats of polyurethane varnish -i.e. wattyl estapol gloss or satin.

    Alternatively use an all in one stain and varnish - apply two coats of this plus one clear coat since it is a bathroom door that will get wet.

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