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Painting a garage door - with wait for it.............a timber effect! Is it do-able?

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    Default Painting a garage door - with wait for it.............a timber effect! Is it do-able?

    Firstly Hi guys, I'm a newbie and this is my first post.

    Ok, I'm a serial reonvator, Interior designer and run a property styling company and thought from my years of experience I'd come accross every makeover and paint tip until now.

    In the process of fixing up our current property, I had great plans for the facade of our dated 70's property and all was going gloriously until the garage doors.

    I had my heart on replacing them with timber doors, however after a few discussions with the experts it seems pointless in replacing garage doors that work perfectly and are sound and is a very unneccessary expense. In my mind they just don't fit in with my vision.

    Is there a timber effect looking paint available? Has anyone created an external timber effect paint job? I have done this in the past but it was interior and in the UK and if I'm honest I've still not quite found my feet with Australian paints.

    So happy to do the graft, happy to conjur up the creativity but are the products available? If anyone knows would love to know!

    Thanks guys and hope to hear back!!!!!

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    If you mean can you use the rubber comb to produce the knotted wood effect the yes.

    However you would need to speak with your supplier about the grade and type of paint you will need.

    I saw a sliding/folding garage door done in North Queensland a couple of years back, as long as you don't get too close it's not bad.

    I was a 3 coat system if I remember.

    Good luck.
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    If you have a panelift garage door you may be able to remove the old surface from the metal frame and replace with a nice timber?

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    Used to do some of the effects for Better Homes & Gardens, Did use a rubber roller that when applied gave a woodgrain effect, including knot holes.If used with the right background colour i reckon it would give a decent look. . On the show it was very much an extreme two tone look.!
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    maybe use a vinly rap sticker

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