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Painting steel windows

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    Default Painting steel windows

    We had some guys paint some of our steel window frames that were rusting and they used some chemical which allowed them to paint over the rust and the on the glass as well. Once dry, they simply scraped the paint of the glass to finish the job and it came out well.

    Does anyone know what product they used to do that? I've got another window to do and I don't want to do the same and then not be able to get the paint off!


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    If painting with turps based enamel,Penetrol may have been used as primer.Scrape any paint off the glass with a sharp blade when dry.

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    If the steel is rusty then they may have also used a rust converter on the steel before applying a primer as well (If the painter is worth his salt that is).
    Then Prime with a zinc rich primer (I prefer Cold Galv).
    Then and only then apply your chosen paint system..
    Don't worry to much about getting paint on the glass this will scrap of easily with a razor gasket remover available from most auto shops and paint stores.
    Forgot to mention if the glass is frosted obviously this glass will need to be cut in straight as scraping the paint of a stippled surface aint going to happen !!!


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