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preparation for repainting a ceiling

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    Default preparation for repainting a ceiling

    Hi guys
    i need some advice on how much preparation a ceiling needs before repainting.

    the surface is in a generally good condition


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    Your question is the equivalent of "how long is a piece of string"

    Need more infomation to give you an answer.

    *Why are you painting? change of colour/ problem with old paint?
    *what type of material is the ceiling/type of paint on it?
    *what room is it? a kitchen/bathroom or other
    *what type of paint were you going to put on it?

    They all may affect the answer you want.

    But normally everything being Ok - wash with sugar soap, dry and apply water based paint-ceiling paint.

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    Gotta agree with durwood - if all is well with the surface - no flaking, peeling, etc - wash WELL with sugar soap. Ceilings are a pain to twash but I reckon it is really important to wash it down really well with sugar soap. I DIDN'T wash down a customer's kitchen wall well enough about 12 months ago, just gave it a quick wipe with sugar soap and a dry and repainted it with acrylic satin - about 2 months ago she asked me to come and have a look at it, and there are patches where the paint is lifting a bit - the bits I didn't wash thoroughly enough.

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