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Remove paint to let wall dry out?

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    Default Remove paint to let wall dry out?

    Hi all,

    A while ago, the paint on this concrete bedroom wall started to bubble. The paint was applied over 10 years ago. I believe the bubbling started because of a recent leak in the shower, which is at the other side of the wall. I think I have now fixed that leak.

    Measured the moisture in the wall (at the bedroom side) with a moisture meter for a couple of weeks before and after fixing the leak. Pushed the pins through the paint to get reading of the wall behind the paint. Moisture reading behind the paint is consistently about 0.8% plus/minus 0.1% (both before and after fixing the leak). Moisture reading on top of the paint is 0.

    If the shower leak at the other side of the wall is fixed, will the existing moisture in the wall escape through the paint over time? As in, should I expect the moisture reading to go down over time (assuming the leak is fixed)?

    Or should I remove the bubbled paint now, so the wall can dry out through the uncovered area? In that case, about how long would it take for the moisture in the wall to come down?

    Bubbling paint, with holes in the middle to measure moisture behind paint:


    Moisture meter I am using:

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    You have nothing to lose. You'll have to clear the paint off to get rid of the efflorescence anyway.

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