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Is stripping necessary?

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    Default Is stripping necessary?

    Canvassing your thoughts on the best way to handle the following situation:

    I have a 1920's californian bungalow that I am in the process of fixing up. I am looking at painting the exposed rafters and the associated linings, and the verandah beams. All have previously been painted with 2-3 coats of oil based lead paint and 2-3 coats of acrylic.

    Most of the paint appears to be solid (tested with several parallel cuts of the stanley knife and the scraper). Some of the rafter ends have delamination between the acrylic and oil based paint and there are some small patches of acrylic that have cracks in it but still relatively well adhered.

    So what would you recommend for a quality lasting job and what would be your method of attacking it?

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    If the existing paint is solid and not peeling then a light sand and primer/sealer and your new coat. Put a bit of regular masking tape on a couple of areas over a cross cut with a stanley knife leave couple of days and then pull off. If the paint stays or lifts only a little then pretty right to paint over (as it seem from you description it is). A good quality acrylic will be fine.

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    what Bloss said

    LOVE calabungas
    Kilmore (Melbourne-ish)

    ....catchy phrase here

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    Smile zacho

    if paint delamninating between oil and acrylic.sand area for adhesion, prior to painting add a little ezy bond to your acrylic paint to give better adhesion.

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