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Stripping windows

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    Default Stripping windows

    Hi All

    Just wishing to ask how long it might take for each window to strip and sand down as I have a number of awning windows approx 800 wide by 1000 high.
    There is probably 2 or 3 coats of enamel paint on them and i want to get them back to natural hard wood so that I can stain or lacquer.

    Thanks for any advice received

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    before getting to how long just want to share a 'take care note'

    not sure of the age of your place but one thing i learnt recently is how much lead is still left over in wood once you strip any lead based paint off

    at a recent reno job we used peel-a-way to remove the lead paint and took the necessary safety precautions - then relaxed when we had bare timber - my last blood tests came back in the toxic range when prior to this job they were ok - i found out that the wood was actually still high in lead which i'd assumed to be ok once the paint had been removed

    anyways just a 'take care note' - back to how long ...

    it took us about 2-3hrs per window (double sash so possible a little different for awnings as our's were a little higher) to apply the peel-away and then about the same to remove and wash down with neutraliser - after this the fun started with removing the bits that were not removed by the peel-away - probably another 2-3hrs

    all up probably around the solid 8 to 10hrs mark

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