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What colours would you use on this house?

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    Default What colours would you use on this house?

    I've already started by painting colourbond IRONSTONE on the front brick wall after building the screening on it. So effectively I'm working backwards by not selecting a main colour first.
    RE close up photo with the colours on the driveway wall..........I colourmatched these colours from modern 4 storey building. A greenie neutral with which was used with an off white, and the ironstone which is currently on the front wall. I also got a lighter/half tone of the greenie neutral. We like this half tone colour, and was gonna use the ironstone on the gutters/facia board, and the windows bars, leave the garage door creamie as is which could compliment the purpley ironstone. Was thinking a red front door. Need a dark colour for the windows and bars so the bars don't stand out (in white they stand out). But I'm not sure about the ironstone colour for all of the trim, was thinking a different dark colour on the windows and door/s. Garage and front door are last thing on my mind.
    Have terracotta drive way tiles leading to front door. Roof tiles have an alternating red and blue thing going on. Plus I've got the orange stained wood there too..
    Everything was previously - really light green house, with light yellow trim, and red facia board and gutters.
    Please help.

    The yellow, and red are from another colour scheme which I abandoned. The strong brown neutral is a colour is a random sample pot I tried.

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    Hi Thirsty,
    I would suggest getting a colour consultant to come around and give you some advice. Dulux have them (Dulux Colour Consultants). I used them for working out the colours for my house and they were worth every cent I spent on them. (I think about $180/hr). They will pick out just the right colour, much better than what I could do. I think it probably even saved me $500 in marriage counselling.

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    I would save your money on the Coluor consultant and just use -

    MyColour Visualiser

    Consultants have three or four current colour schemes that they always seem to work with..

    When you have narrowed it down
    Then use the colour sample pots..

    Thats my 2 Cents..

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    I agree with strom with regard to the consultant, most manufacturers have colour viewers.

    I would suggest once you have your samples, paint squares at least 1m2 and one in full sun and one out (say the side of the house)...keep the sample colours apart it just adds to the confusion.

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