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What have I done wrong here??!!

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    Default What have I done wrong here??!!

    Hi Everyone

    Last week, I finished painting an internal wall and the paint has crack marks all over it! (see attached photo).

    The wall is a concrete rendered internal wall (double brick house).

    The wall was originally painted with a dark brown Dulux Wash and Wear LOW SHEEN 101 paint.

    I lightly sanded the wall, and applied one coat of Dulux Water Based 1 Step Primer Sealer Undercoat. Left it to dry for a week.

    Next weekend applied 2 coats Dulux Wash and Wear FLAT 101 paint. Fine thread sized cracks started to appear, so gave it a third coat a day later.

    2 weeks on and the cracking is getting worse! It is all over the whole wall. What have I done wrong? Is there a way I can fix this without getting the blowtorch out?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Hard to tell from this photo..
    But at a guess I would say one of two things..
    1.The humidity has fallen below the ideal range during paint drying time causing the paint to "Sag" and created obvious adhesion problems.
    2. You have applied paint on top of a previous coat before that coat had completely dried.

    Ether way it looks as though your only remedy is going to be to remove your handy work and start from scratch..

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    I has that happen to me on a damp english bathroom wall years ago it was the cold and drying time between coats compounded by the dampness in the air.

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    Your process sounds right, it looks as if a contaminant got onto the surface before painting, by the looks of it something oily? (It only has to be the finest of oily contaminant). make sure you suger-soap the surface.

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    Default Mcsteamy Mcpainter

    I would say either the original paint you painted over was an old oil based paint or there was something greasy on the surface. Acrylic paints don't bind to well over the top of glossy or greasy surfaces. Painting another coat over the first coat before it dries can cause this as well but seeing you left it a week before you painted over it that wouldn't be what caused it. I would check if the paint you applied scratches off easily, if it does then you will have to remove it all. If it seems like it has adhered well then perhaps the best solution is to give the surface another thorough sand over, dust it off and undercoat it with either a metho based undercoat or an oil based undercoat. This should create a sound surface for the wash and wear to stick to so you can then roll another couple of coats over it. I know it seems like a lot to do but if you want to fix the problem you will need to do it properly. Cheers and good luck

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