Hi there,

Iíve pulled down the old ceilings in our 1920ís double brick reno. The old hardwood ceiling joists have a nice bow in them from carrying the weight of horse hair plaster and a second layer of 10mm gyprock added in the 80s/90s.

I have used the rondo direct fix ceiling system - 16mm furring channel fixes to Rondo 226 clips screwed to the joists at appropriate centres. This will allow the plastered to get a nice flat finish.

Iíve now read that this system doesnít provide the ceiling diaphragm needed to transfer roof wind loads to the bracing walls.

Is this an issue in my case (cavity brick walls and traditional coupled hardwood roof frame) or only an issue with light weight timber framed houses with trussed roof?

Iíd love to hear from any builders/plasterers who use the rondo (or similar) system and whether other bracings (straps) are commonly used to compensate for the loss of diaphragm.