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Installing VJ boards

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    Default Installing VJ boards


    This is my first post so please be patient.
    I am wanting to install VJ boards to go about 1050mm up the wall. The panels are MDF panels and are quite cheap. There is old plaster that I am replacing.

    I was wondering if I should attach the panels straight to the wall studs(with noggins between the studs) and place the skirts over the panels, installing new plaster above the panels with a decorative wainscot in between.


    Should I plaster the whole wall and place the skirts on the plaster with the panels placed above the skirts with the panels attached on top of the plaster.

    Thanks in advance

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    Option 1 sound the best to me, clean and sound method.
    A good edge takes a little sweat!!

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    best to sit the plaster on top of the panelling not over it.. you would have to get a rebatted midrail to cover if you did. also when you hit a doorway and have to put up some architrave it would be 10mm offset.. vj is only 9mm so almost a perfect match for plasterboard.

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