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New Ceilings query

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    Default New Ceilings query

    Not sure if you can help.

    We live in Perth in a 28yr old 3b/r house and have just had new ceilings installed. The company replaced like for like as the old ones were bowing alot.

    We have uncovered lights in the house, and have spotted a number of screws popping in the ceiling, and what, to us, appears to be lines where the sheets meet. We have contacted the company and they have come out a number of times to plaster the screws, sand and then paint. This has been going on for 4 weeks. I wrote them a letter asking for someone to come and inspect the installation and determine what is causing the problems we keep seeing. They replied that it is only aesthetic finishes and are not structural and that the problems with the old ceilings was the fixing methods used . They have installed the ceilings as per Australian standards, which were all quoted, and referred to glancing light as a reason for not having to rectify problems.

    My query is - should we worry about these popping screws, or leave it. We havent paid a cent so far, but their reply letter has now asked for the payment.

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    Welcome to the forum, you will find much useful (and some useless) information here

    Screws should not be popping, sounds like it is not fixed properly, Did they remove the old ceiling or just sheet over it? The screws that are popping more than lilely are not screwed into timber and need to be removed and longer ones put in.
    I'm no plasterer but I have fixed a few ceilings that have sagged with 100% success, so it ca't be all that hard.
    Get them back to fix it.
    I wouldn't be paying until I was happy with the result.
    Good Luck


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    like Bradford says, it shouldn't be happening - clearly people have to be paid for their work, but just as clearly, they have to do what they're paid to do.

    Will be keen to know if the plaster was removed - BTW how many rooms and for how many dollars? Did you get several quotes etc.?
    Kilmore (Melbourne-ish)

    ....catchy phrase here

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