We had builders do some renovations on our ensuite and pantry. They used Villaboard in the bathroom however with no compound joints (of course they did waterproof). They also did fibre cement sheeting on some other interior walls (pantry, 2 walls of our bedroom). None of the joins have any compound and I really don't like the look of it. I also don't like the look of the joining strips/moulding used throughout the house on the existing masonite/fibro joins.

I now want to replace the walls and ceilings in the rest of my house room at a time over the next 12 months. The existing ceiling is fibro (not asbestos) or masonite and almost all of the walls are masonite.

It's an old 60's house on wooden stumps in an area where the soil moves a lot.

What would be the best material to use for the ceiling and walls in this situation? Should I be worried about cracking? The builder mentioned plasterboard will crack easily but I've heard fibro will crack easier. I'd like to use plasterboard for that nice finish.

And if I can use plasterboard, can I screw this on top of the existing masonite and fibro?