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plastering with condensation in the room

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    Default plastering with condensation in the room

    Hi ive got a room (old stables and sheds) with a lot of condensation im looking to paltser it the wall its bare brick that i want to cover. Which plaster could i use to maybe reduce the condensation in the room.

    And if they is any other tips that may help me with this problem could you please let me know

    thank you
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    The plasterboard itself won't reduce condensation, it will absorb moisture, if it is there all the time.

    I would suggest that if moisture is a problem, then fix battens to the bricks and then screw plaster board to the battens.

    It is not a good idea to stick direct to bricks with cornice adhesive, if there is a risk of moisture is in the bricks. The moisture will transfer straight through to the plasterboard and cause mildew and mould.

    The battens will create a barrier between the bricks and the plasterboard preventing the transfer. Metal battens would be best.

    You have 2 options using metal. A rondo Part no 333 is a 16mm recessed furing channel that allows you to get solid contact fixing direct to the brick using spagetti or nylon anchors. Or you can use the part no 308 which is a 16mm furing channel that can be fixed with direct fixing clip, (part number 237). The 237 clip is fixed to the bricks at 1200 mm centers and the batten clips to it.

    Being from the UK you will find the part numbers will be different. If you go to rondo.com you will be able to look up the desciption of these products, then see what products are available in the UK. I have put the part numbers in here for the benefit of the Aussie readers.

    I would look at creating some kind of air flow in the room to reduce condensation. A roof ventalator that spins around with a flexi duct down to a ceiling vent would do the job.

    The ceiling vent should be able to open and close, if left open when using a heater you will lose all the heat through the vent.

    I hope this helps.

    Cheers Rod Dyson

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