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wet plasterboard - firechek

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    Default wet plasterboard - firechek

    OK, I have some firecheck 13mm stored outside, and have just found the tarp to be less than perfectly waterproof, and the boards are now a little soft underfoot, and clearly have received moisture.

    Now the question is whether they are totally stuffed or able to dry out, and if they can be dried, how long? . They are being installed into the building fabric, and not been set, so that is not an issue, purely whether they will dry out and still have necessary holding power with a nail.

    drying out is important, because I dont want to introduce moisture into the walls from the get go. btw its 1/2 a dozen sheets.

    totally dead or salvageable?
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    They are salvageable. But you need to be very carefull handeling them as they will break very easy.

    They need to be stored flat with air getting between the sheets. I would put down some strps lengthways about 300mm apart and lay the sheets on the strips creating airflow between them.

    If the sheets are bent in any way that is how they wll stay when they dry. Holding power of nails will not be affected once they are dry.

    Cheers Rod

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