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Building board to use for fully exposed exterior wall tiling

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    Default Building board to use for fully exposed exterior wall tiling

    I'm looking to build a small timber framed feature. I've been having a tough time finding a suitable external building board to use that can take tile.

    I've looked at blueboard but it seems like no adhesives recommend using it.
    I've also looked at HardieFlex but on their data sheet, it says that tiling is not recommended in external applications.

    What can I use?

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    The only problem with external would be water ingress and expansion/contraction.
    Personally I would use either depending on what spacings the frame is, and glue and screw as necessary
    and most important either a thorough coating of good tile sealer or water proof before tiling
    and if necessary cap the top with maybe a feature stainless/colorbond flashing.
    Of course fitting frame straight onto slab may be troublesome with rising damp

    Bloke down the street used an insulated (coolite sandwich) board for his fence/wall attached to gal steel framing then rendered over it
    Looked just like a rendered block wall when finished but in his words, way cheaper than paying for blocks and blocklayer.
    Don't know what the life of the frame will be

    That's the best I can offer with the small amount of info you have given.

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    Thanks for the advice mate. I'll be sure to look into properly waterproofing the board. Maybe I'll make the frame galvanised steel instead. I always found it odd that so many building boards say its suitable for wet area use, but are still inappropriate for external use.

    Built a similar tiled wall from block a while ago and all I can say was that it was more time consuming, but a lot simpler technically speaking.
    Sometimes I do just think block laying would be easier cause i don't have to mess with all this waterproofing stuff.

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