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Dilemma Removeing tiles from in shower

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    Default Dilemma Removeing tiles from in shower


    I need to renovate a shower for a friend and need to change the tiles inside the shower screen only.

    The tiles are laid in what i would call the brick patern, on a wall that is 1500 mm long, and has a border tile at the top. The shower screen sits 820 out from the corner of the wall the tiles are approx 2000 mm up in the shower and then drop to approx 1200 high outside the shower

    So they want to keep the boarder tiles on the outside of the screen as they match the other walls and they do not want to re-tile the rest of the room. the border tile i belive are no longer available

    My dilemma is i will need to remove the grout out between some tiles that go outside the shower screen ( that are 1200 high) and then try to remove the tile inbetween the others without breaking them (ie: take a brick out of every second row, so i can leave the border tile in place. this would leave what i would call a "saw tooth" look.

    I would then re tile the shower in new tile that would fit inside the gaps and install a new shower screen

    Can anybody give any advice on how to remove the tile from the brick pattern?


    How can i remove all the other tiles and leave the border tiles in place?


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    Why don't you show us a picture to give all a better understanding? and maybe you should be asking yourself "am I qualified to do this job"

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    what you're doing is not to any australian standards. you will compromise the water proofing and have a bodge job. you will have problems in the future, did i mention a bodge looking job?

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    One of the Ozito/Bosch/Fein multi-saw things (like this: Ozito Australia | Power Tools, Garden Tools, Sold through Bunnings Warehouse ) with a tungsten carbide tool is good for removing grout without too much hassle - do this first to separate the 'to be removed' tiles from the ones you want to keep. That way, when you hit a tile with a hammer and punch to crack it, it won't be forced against the good tile, cracking it too.

    Depending on the glue used originally, you may be able to slide one of the saw blade tools under the good tiles and actually remove them, which to me would be a safer option if it wasn't a huge struggle (you might get lucky and it might be cheap glue).

    Information about the Australia Standard (AS 3740) for waterproofing of a shower can be found here: http://www.showerrepairsplus.com.au/...g-Standard.pdf

    And a bit of guidance here:

    And here:
    DIY electrical wiring to AS/NZS3000 - details here - http://goo.gl/9d33T (PDF file)

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