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dodgy tile job

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    Default dodgy tile job

    I have recently bought a new house that I plan on moving into but have had some issues with the floors.
    When we bought the place it had ugly cracked tiles glued onto timber pine flooring which I removed hoping we could polish the timber, but that didn't work out.

    we went for the next best option to tile over the timber but to do it properly, had a tiler come in and lay a 25 mm cement bed and bought some nice 600x600 tiles.
    I went to look at the job today and the tiles dont feel even and some of the lines are not straight.

    I haven't paid the guy all of his money yet and waiting him what a crappy job he has done, does anyone have any tips?

    Worst case, how hard would it be to rip up the cement bed and lay new timberflooring, would it be difficult to do this I know there is plastic between the timber and the cement. (i know this sounds stupid and expensive, but things you do when it get emotional)


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    As you have a plastic sheet between timber and screed it should be simple, particularly as the the original floor is to be replaced, no need to avoid damage.

    Check with your local machine hire company, most have tile removal machines, run this along the boards and you have few problems, working across the boats might do a lot more damage and be slower.

    Drop a 2 metre straight edge over tiles to check the job.

    Good luck.
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