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Large format porcelain tiles in Sydney

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    Default Large format porcelain tiles in Sydney

    HI all

    We need some large tiles where the shorter dimension is about 330-350mm or more. The overall dimensions can be anything like 330x600 or 330x700 or 330x800, etc.
    Have to be polished porcelain.

    Is anyone aware of such tiles??

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    walls or floors?

    300 x 600 are very common, although now i'm seeing 230x 460 and 300 x 900.

    have you been to a tile shop yet?

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    Thanks for your reply, Scotty.

    It's wall tiling - I had written that but inadvertently delete and didn't notice

    Yes, we've been to some shops and none of them had them. One shop did have a suitable size (where the shorter dimension was about 350-400) but they were not the right colours and type (they were dark and with rough texture and matt).

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